SwampRiverAquatics.com - Site under construction, Limited Stock Available .
Shipping Info

        Shipping in U.S. = $16 U.S. Postal Service + Fish.
    Two Days delivery to Most locations .
 Small Package up to four types .
Each Type 3 pairs or as noted..
   In the event of DOA , Fish $ Will be Refund
   Or Package Resent. Postal Shipping $ is
   lost .. Clear Picture of Unopen
  Bags Must Be Emailed within 2 Hours of Delivery.
        ((NO Exceptions))

                  Foreign Shipping =
                $62  U.S. Postal Service  Express Mail + Fish
                 Four to Five Days Delivery To Most Locations
                 Small Package up to Four Type .
                  Each Type 3 Pairs or as noted.
               NO Guaranty on Foreign Orders due to
              Customs May delay package Extra Days.

For Availability of Stocks Email me at =  

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