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Wild Stock Gambusia

Most of these gambusia / Strains have been collected by my self from various locations . Few others have been collected by fellow hobbyiest for me .. I try collect top specimens with specific traits that are unique to certain native populations..  I maintain and breed each wild population of gambusia  in seperate containers in order to keep pure and maintain specific unique traits .. I also selective breed  specific individuals with unique traits in order to stablish new desireable strains ... I collect Wild Livebearers on regular Basis..AdrianHD

South FLorida EverGlades heavely spotted gambusia Holbrooki.


Napels FL Spotted ,White Gambusia Holbrooki , AdrianHD Strain


Florida Keys Brakish Water Holbrooki


Florida Keys Spotted Holbrooki, AdrianHD Strain.


Hawaii Gambusia Affinis


               Gambusia Affinis


Florida Keys Gambusia Rhyzophorae


Spotted Gambusi Rhyzophorae , Both Sexs are Spotted , Developed By AdrianHD Strain


Florida Keys Gambusia ??


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