Few of our out doors containers were we breed and Maintain Large populations of specific Stocks = Collections / Locations ..


55 Gals Barrels are used to maintain  select color variations =  (phenotypes).

  ( Red Chest )=       Large chest Area  colored red accompanied by Round Black Monocle =

        Below .  Pics of Popular Strains we have introduce to the hobby ,Original Collections ..
For Comparison =Assorted Pure Black Bars look like )..                 ( Line Bred / Select Colors)..

No White Extended Dorsals or Extended Double swords, Swords are short & solid Red...

Double Red Stripe )= Sister Strain To ( Red Chest ) and (Snake Chest) All three Related ...
    Strain has Same Round Monocle , Broken Stripes  and  More Color variations ..

Snake Chest , Related to the above two strains = (Double Red Stripe and Red Chest)..Snake Pattern on Chest/Belly Area with Same Round Black Monocle ...

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     Below=  Lime Green , Main color is Bright Metallic Green stripe on Body, White Dorsal

     & Red Swords .. May or May Not Display A Black Bar..

Lime Green With lots Red Coloration Below .. ( Assorted Population )

   Orchid Endlers , Introduce to Hobby By AdrianHD.. Lots Black Markins along with Green and Red coloration...  Also Known as (Top Hat Endler=Incorrect Name)..

Top Yellow Sword,    Nice Clean look ,  Later Selective Bred for Red Body Color.. Not Very Common in Hobby ...Not same Strain as (2004 Top Yellow SWD) These Have No Orange Dot at Center of Tail Base.. (2004 Has Orange Dot on Center Tail base)..

2004 Top Yellow SWD =  Not Related to Strain above .  Nice Assorted body color Variations, Similar Body colors and Patterns with same Lower middle Black Monocle as Flame Tail Strain..Later bred as Green/Red Bicolor and all red Body Color..

Flame Tail.. Similar Colors and Markings to 2004 above strain.. Possibly Related early in beginning when strains were being Developed and Seperated..Later Developed for all Red and Blue body colors..Blue being most elusive body color in wingei...

Center Peacock / 1/2 tux .. These are Mostly Red with Black Marking towards rear of Body / Peduncle .. May or May not Display a Black Bar Trait.. Main Distinguishing Feture is Center Peacock Dot at Base of Tail with many Males Displaying Black in Peduncle Area.. 

Top Blue Sword , Beautiful Rainbow colors. Many Males Display Black Ventral Fins ..Few Specimens May Display light Orange or White Top Swords. Elegant and Magnificent Wingei..

White Peacock.  Beautiful White Pattern tail Wingei.. Pattern can be simple or cover most of Tail Fin. Body markings are strong and Unique to each Specimen.. Hard to Find Strain ..

Mint , Top Yellow Sword

Orange Spotted

Green, Top red Sword..

Snake , Top Bar Endler

Original , Peacock Endler

Red ,Top Bar Endler

Top Green Sword

Test  RedYellow  StripeLion